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*.ShiMmeR.* Iconz

For all your icon needs!

*.sHiMmeR.* Icons
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*.sHiMmeR.* Icons

Thanks for coming to our community!

If you are going to advertise you can copy and paste the codes underneath the banners, and put them on your livejournal, other communities (if they let you), etc. Also, if you ever want to make new graphics for the guild, just post them!

This community is for icon makers, and people looking for icons. We can make custom icons, if you post and say what you want.

A few rules, if you don't mind:
- Please comment whenever you take an icon, all icons are up for grabs, but we just like to know when people are using our icons.

- Have Fun

- Post large pictures, or lots of icons behind cuts. If you don't know how to, just post and say you don't know how.

- Be Kind to all members, and viewers.